Video Tutorial on Using Silhouette Shapes

Psalm 84 4

I did this layout because I was going to participate in a blog hop with others at HKC, but when my laptop crashed and I had to re-do my file, I was forced to back out of the hop.  However, I wanted to recreate my work and finish it because I had plans for this to also be a Course 2 lesson, so here it is!  The stencil shapes were created by Diane Marra.

Visit Course 2 Lesson 102 guide page to watch the video on how to utilize silhouettes with some inspiration I have gathered from my own layouts and a few from the web that I recently spotted. 

Share your layout with us!  We are anxious to see what you can do as we inspire each other.

Video created 6/24/15


Mary Brack said…
Love how this turned out, Hummie!
Tricia Berg said…
Beautiful page! Off to watch the video...
Diane said…
Thanks Hummie for re creating your work, this is beautiful and very special. You are a wonderful sister in Christ!

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