Asiatic Lily & Learning About Lilies

Help! What kind of orange lily is this? Need to know for my flower journal I have another kind going to bloom soon. Been reading about difference between true Lily and Daylily.

I have determined that this is an Asiatic Lily called Orange Joy (lilium bulbiferum, orang lily, fire lily, or tiger lily for common names).  

I spent a long time looking up the differences between types of lilies and learned a lot!  Asiatic lilies are the first to bloom.  There is a time line for the different types of lilies and when they bloom, so I need to get some of all types in my garden so that they bloom all summer long.

What I used to call a tiger lily is actually a "ditch lily" which is not considered a true lily, but a day lily.  Those will be blooming soon in my yard and are also orange.

I learned that the Asiatic lilies have no scent and that helps to distinguish them from other lilies.

True lilies are on one stalk and have flowers that come out around the stalk like a spiral.  Day lilies have more of a grass like leaf.


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