Drop Shadow on Merged Sliced Photo Inspiration & Tutorial


This was inspired by an old layout of mine.  Sandy posted her favorite layout in the Facebook group and I recognized it as being inspired by my layout.  Then I realized that I had never done a tutorial for this technique, although I remember a lot of people in 2006 copying the technique.  Maybe I have done a tutorial and just do not remember where it is at because of have so many tutorials.  It does get harder to remember with each one I make!  ha ha (written 9/23/15)

To watch the video, click to go to the Course 2, Lesson 106 Class guide.  You can share your layouts with me by uploading to Flickr and adding to the linky or sharing in the Faceboook Group.


AMarie T said…
Thanks for this new tutorial. Done and linked.
AMarie T said…

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