Instagram Photos April 24 - 30

April 24, 2017 The flowers are really blooming! I need to work on my garden journal. Someone please tell me what these are. I seem to have a lot of them. So many names! Hanging bell flowers, aka Allium Siculum, Nectaroscordum, Sicilian honey lily, Sicilian honey garlic, or Mediterranean bells

April 25, 2017 Do you tire of my #flower photos? I try not to post them all, but my #flower #garden is so lovely right now.

April 25, 2017 For the #flowerlovers is an Iris in my #garden. I have purple and yellow blooming and many more ready to bloom. This makes #happyspace for me.

April 25, 2017 Always honored when my image is used with others' images to make these lovely grids. I'm always amazed how the come together. 

‪Red Star boat dock has very little parking left. #capegirardeau #flooding #mowx ‬
April 30, 2017 ‪Red Star boat dock has very little parking left. #capegirardeau #flooding #mowx ‬


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