OldGuy's Comedy Debut - Scene 1

We often dream at my house about what it would be like if my hubby's humor made it big. Really, I could be sitting around scrapbooking all the time! Just think what I could share with my readers then! I wouldn't have to work, I could enjoy the weather and days. I could take long soaks in hot tubs....


Back to reality. Sigh.

Big sigh.

The problem is that hubby is SO extremely gifted in the humor department and yet he can only do it naturally, as the part of every day conversation. To get him to do a stand-up is impossible. I think they call those "sets" in the comedy world. Uh, uh. Nope. Hubby could NEVER do scripted very well.

He is awesome just bouncing off of what other people say. Yep. He does impromptu at its best. It doesn't matter what the topic, he's always got something rolling off his tongue to make someone laugh.

And then we created three sons together. Who inherited their father's genes. Please, just imagine what my household is like.

So, after eating out Friday night and him having the waitress rolling in laughter, I happened to have the camera with me for the marching band...oh, I mean football game we were headed to. So, I got him to just try to do some comedy for the camera.

Now, we need your help!

Please leave comments of questions to ask hubby! I will film him again and ask him your questions to see what his reply is! I can guarantee some surprised responses!

This could be lots of fun. Won't you join us by commenting with your questions?

The video was 16 minutes long, so I broke it down into three parts for three blog posts.

Hopefully, you will giggle as much as I did. Hopefully, you will be laughing *with* us and not *at* us.

Welcome to a glimpse of my world.

Created 10/5/08


Pam aka Mom22 said…
Hummie, he makes a wonderful "sit down" comic! Thanks for the giggles!
Whits End said…
i have my windows open and my neighbors are probably wondering why i am laughing so loud! Thanks for the laugh!
Ooopsadazie said…
What a cutie!! Thanks for the giggle.
Laura K. said…
Your husband is quite a character. Tell him he deserves the great Indian Name of "Three Horse". When he sits up and smiles, tell him it means "Nag, Nag, Nag! LOL
Latte' Dah said…
You two are adorable together. Fun stuff. :)
Shanners said…
That is so great to have humor in your marriage. I'm sure it keeps life fun and interesting. Thanks for sharing.
Questions: I don't know...I'd like to hear what he has to say about the sink hole issue on your street. :)

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