TUTORIALS! Digital coloring doodles | What are adult or grown-up coloring books?

8.23.15 I was already preparing these tutorials when I went in my friends store and saw this book for sale.  I've seen the "adult coloring books" all over the internet in recent months and had a great idea to do tutorials sharing how to color the pages in digitally.  Then my friend called them "grown-up coloring books" and I realized that the word "adult" might be taken in the wrong context by some whose minds are in the gutter and that maybe "grown-up" might be a better choice of wording.  I saw this book when doing a web search and it is for sale at places like Wal-mart and Target too, as well as for sale online.

The adult coloring books are meant to be a stress reliever. Who knew that what we did in our childhood was such a healthy therapeutic task! It is a way to disconnect and let our mind go as we color.

There are the pencils which my friend is selling in her store, so if you want to try your hand at printing and grown-up coloring book page, these would be a good suggestion.  I think I am going to try it!

Just search the web for something like "adult coloring book pages free printables" and you will find many.

My pages were made with doodles by Tara D at Doodling through the Bible.  She is awesome!  She gives all her doodles away for free and that is so generous and she is so talented too!


This is my layout which I created using the digital doodle tree from Tara's doodles.  You can see how I created (designed) the digital doodle on Lesson 70 of the Designer Class.  I used Anne-Marie's freebies from the August 2015 DigiHop to create this layout.

There are TWO tutorials on Course 2, Lesson 103 for digital coloring.  This tutorial is on using Photoshop brushes to color digitally.  This video is done mostly in Photoshop Elements, but I peek at Photoshop also.

You can download on the Lesson 70 class guide page Tara's tree doodles which you can watch me coloring digitally in the video.


This is the layout I created with Tara's doodle which I colored digitally using layer styles!  Isn't that cool!  It think it looks like a cartoon or something out of a child's book.

The next video on Course 2, Lesson 103 class guide page is how to color digitally using layer styles.  Since there are less options for using layer styles in Photoshop Elements, it takes more steps to achieve the effect you want, but I share that in the video.  I also share the technique in the full version of Photoshop.

Tara was gracious enough to allow me to offer for free the doodle which I colored digitally for you to use on your personal pages.

If you use any of these techniques on any doodles, please share with me, as always.  I like to put on the class guide pages samples from students so that others are inspired.

Of course, I welcome you to do all 103 tutorial challenges in Course 2!  It's a great way to learn while using a different technique to inspire your pages.  Read about getting your own credit document to keep track of which tutorials you have done.


Nan Williams said…
Great tutorials. Especiallythe one on coloring the areas with brushes! Thanks.
Hummie B said…
It's good to see you Nan! Thanks so much for your kind comment.
Oma Ali said…
I really loved this tutorial Hummie. Can't wait to try.
Tara D said…
These are so fun!

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