Creation Freebie & Day 1

My Creation kit is now available for download as the Digital Bible Journaling challenge #8.  If you use this kit, please do share with me, just leave a comment.

It comes with the .pdf printable I made for use in my own journaling Bible.

I personally love the numbers! The numbers can be used to fill inside the outline and color the grunge so you can make them unique with your own creativity. I've seen where people draw, for example, the sun, moon, and stars within the outline of the number 4.

This took me forever to make, starting first with many hours in Bible study, and it's not very "cutsy" as I would have liked, I'm limited to free shapes I can find online to create and was trying hard to tell the story as I understood it.

As you can see, the things I made are for the basis to tell the story, but you will need to add papers and other digital items in your stash to create your own pages.  I look forward to seeing what you do!

Made 1/9/16


AMarie T said…
The link does not work. May you fix it please ?
Oh, I fixed it yesterday.... I hope!

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