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Original Posted November 1, 2008

Please allow me to introduce Thena for our Designer Technique for November 2008! I am REALLY excited to share Thena with you. She hangs out at Digishoptalk (DST) and is ALWAYS uplifting and funny.

Here is another interview with Thena -- Book Bits for Kids!

This lesson is an introduction to Thena Smith (Facebook) (Amazon).
The best place to keep up with Thena is on her blog. You'll find poems, uplifting posts, and freebies!

What a resource her page is for digital scrapbookers!

Thena's Poem a Day blog is awesome! Try using the Blogger search tool at the top for tops of interest.

Maybe you would prefer finding a book on Amazon instead.

Or look for her books at!

Preview her Poem a Day book on Blurb! Isn't she awesome?

Here's Thena's Technique!

First, let me encourage you to create and use your own poetry when you can. Try to leave all of the fear and trepidation behind. Don't be hung up on the fear of an imperfect form or meter. Don’t fret about the rights and wrongs. Just try to put your feelings on paper. Just let loose and enjoy. You can start with something very simple. If you have trouble getting started recite the little rhyme, "Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you."

Use that rhythm until you get comfortable and find your own.

Having grown up in the Bible belt and the land of "singings all day and dinner on the ground" church picnics, etc. my rhythm is more like the four stanza hymns. Sometimes when I write, I sing the poem. This was the case in my tribute to my mom:

Going Home

If my Savior should call me home
Do not be sad that I must go.
For all I do and all I am
Is because I love Him so.

If my Savior should call me
To come to Him in Heaven above
I will not hesitate to go
I must leave behind the ones I love.

But do not weep for me
Or mourn the fact that I am gone.
Just think of me as being home—
Where I belong!

If my savior should call me
I will gladly go.
Do not use heroic means
To keep me here below.

I’ll be sad to cause you pain
If my leaving should cause you such,
But I’ll rejoice when I hear His voice
And His garment I can touch.

Don’t say “How sad that she is gone.”
Or cry or mourn for me
Just picture me with a smiling face
Seated at Jesus’ knee.

If any cross words or deeds
Between us should ever pass
Be assured they were forgotten
As soon as they were past.

I want no regrets or “I should have dones”
To follow me when I leave.
There‘s no reason for “I wish I hads.”
I want no one to grieve.

If my Savior should call me home,
I will not stop or hesitate.
And if I should get there first—
I’ll wait for you by the Pearly Gates!

Thena Smith

Everything in any poem may not apply to you or you may not have room on your page or craft for all of it. You may want to use just a stanza or two as your journaling or as word art.

(I'm only speaking for my work when I say this is permissible; I know that some authors do not want you to make any changes to their work. I don't mind if you change the sex, etc., as long as it doesn't change the flow or the meaning or go against my Christian beliefs. Sometimes folks email me and I redo the verse to fit their needs.)

In scrapbooking, there is a need for short verses and word art. To be inspired, you only need to look at your photos and remember the moment to get your clue. Of course, holidays are obvious subjects, Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, trips to the pumpkin patch, first day of school all furnish a good starting place.

There’s a place for humor, fun and plain silliness in poetry. I just turned in an article with my “You Can’t Hug a Frog” poem on it.

You Can't Hug A Frog...

Some people like all kinds of pets
From dogs and cats to mice,
But as for the perfect pet for me...
I think frogs are nice!

Frogs are very easy to please
And like to live in a stream;
Frogs are always very nice --
I've never seen a frog that's mean!

People hug their cats and
They cuddle with their dogs;
Now you can hold one in your hand
But you can't hug a frog

Nope! You really cannot hug a frog
And this is not a joke...
You can't hug a frog
Or it might

Thena Smith
from my book "Where's Thena?"

Most scrappers have books created about their children, but it is also fun to create books for your kids. I know some folks who have read poems such as the above, to their kids as bedtime stories. What fun if you create a small scrapbook with some of their favorite verses illustrated with your scrap supplies!

Adoption, Special Needs, Bullying, Alzheimer’s, Weddings, Toys, Boys, Girls, Holidays, Growing up, Friendship, Growing Pains, School Work, School Subjects, Teachers- all of these (and many more) have been titles and subjects in my work.

My challenge to you is to create a page using a poem on a page or a craft item and share with us. I will send a copy of my first book: “Where’s Thena? I Need a Poem About…” to the winner.

Some examples of using poetry on my pages are included below:

Have fun and now go out there and create!



Aunt Tea said…
what a nice post to find in the middle of my first cup of coffee. Ü
Deb said…
What a wonderful post, I think Journaling is something thats extra special on layouts, and its always nice to find more poem places, and I hadn't been to her poetry site before. Thanks!
I Love THENA! :) I 'met' her at PC Crafters many years ago and did a secret exchange with her. I have 2 of her books before they were even books! Love just how positive and how open and helpful she is!
Teri said…
Great ideas for journaling. And thank you for sharing that beautiful tribute.
anitab said…
What a wonderful discovery - I just put Thena's blog on my toolbar favorites! Thank you for sharing, I know already I will use her resources so much!
blushbutter said…
lovely to get to know you more Thena :)
Your so inspiring and I love that you put your heart into your poems, thank-you :)

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