Heritage Day of Reflection - Kaskaskia Island

Yesterday was a heritage day of reflection on the way my ancestors lived. We tried to go to Kaskaskia, but the road was flooded, and did not make it to the buildings because we did not want to cross the flooded road.

However, we did make it onto the Island. This is where my Boyer (Rutledge side) ancestors who are French and Kaskaskia Indian settled. I was glad it was still flooded (perfect timing) because it gave me the opportunity to see all the pockets of water amongst the fields of farming, giving me the idea of what it was like to live there during the period of time in which it took three years for the Mississippi River to change course. My ancestors were gone before that time, most likely due to the increasing flooding, such as this. They moved from here to Ste. Genevieve as some of the first settlers in that town.


AMarie T said…
Cool to see that. Thanks for sharing.

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