Hybrid Creation Bible Journaling

1/14/16 This looks a mess to me!  Ah!  I still have yet to get my Digital Bible Journaling pages stuck in with washi tape.  I merely wanted to list what was made each day on the left and even that took up so much room.  I suppose I'm all about the facts and want to include it all and this does not even include all that is in these verse, only what came from my study.  Crazy huh?  It's not pretty like some Bibles I see, but hey, that's not the point.

So follow my lead and just do it and share because being in God's Word is what counts.

You can download the .pdf I used to create these pages.  My Creation kit is now available for download as the Digital Bible Journaling challenge #8. If you use this kit, please do share with me, just leave a comment.
Here is a closer view.
I had trouble getting a good photo, but each of the rows is alternating in color of yellow and orange.

Here's a tip from me that I learned though.  The colored pencils faded the porous pen so I had to write over what I already wrote.  So the tip is to color the background first and then do the writing.


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