I married a North-man! DNA Test Results & New Family

Sunday evening we got an email that hubby's DNA test results were in.  We knew he would have German (Europe West) and Great Britain, and Ireland, but it was a complete surprise to see he was mostly Scandinavian!  We immediately began to joke that I'd married a viking or a north-man.  They are kind of manly cool, you know?  All kidding aside, we know not all people in Scandinavia probably relate with vikings and north-man, but we like to tease in a good way about it.
This shows the area of Scandinavia (30%) which he has in his DNA, manly Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.  I have no idea how I am going to go about finding these lines.  Time will tell I suppose.

The Europe West (23%) map includes all of Germany and much more, including France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein. Does he really have French in him?  That would be a surprise as well.
Here is the Ireland (22%) map and it does show a concentration stronger for Ireland than Wales and Scotland.
This is the Great Britain (10%) map which is England, Scotland, and Wales.  It is interesting that Scotland and Wales are both in the Great Britain and the Ireland maps.
He is only 8% for the Italy and Greece and it seems to cover a larger area.
There is also a less than 1% in the middle east.

The most interesting tidbit was the top match in his DNA list.  It started out as an innocent PM (personal message) and quickly lead to much more.  We initially thought it was a first cousin and wondered which uncle it could be and then wondered if it were a cousin.  How do you ask these people? There is no way I would want to be accusatory, so how do you ask without seeming so?  I was in such a difficult position, incredibly difficult.

I became educated on the actually numbers for the centimorgans and learned that it had to be either a half-brother or a nephew!  You can imagine the sensitivity and difficulties this brought on.  I used to think I could imagine the difficulties, but until one goes through it oneself, the reality becomes a first-hand experience. I really want to unhear many of the words I heard from people's mouths.
We have solved the case, but it has been a very long difficult week for me with a lot of tears.  I was placed in an unimaginable awkward position many times over as the matter evolved and unfolded, deciding between choices, thinking no matter what choice I made, someone would be mad at me.  And they were.  I knew from moment one it was going to make someone unhappy no matter what I did and, honestly, I am half-expecting the dissatisfaction and troubles to arise again in the future.  I do not understand why there is so much hate in this world.  I just want to run and hide in my proverbial, well-known, corner and hide where I feel safe.

I have found some comfort in my garden and my camera. I had no idea my camera calmed me like that and I am blessed to realize the same.  I think I will use this tool in the future with purpose.

You hear about these unknown relatives happening to people, but you never dream it would become your story.   There has been a huge level of shock and numbness for days for many people.  There has been a lot of apprehension and disbelief and doubt. There has been worry about acceptance and a wonderment of whether to trust.

Where it will go from here only God knows.


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