Paradise Defined

2/20/11 I traveled to Fern Clyffe State Park in Illinois yesterday. It was a little over an hour drive. I'd never been to this State Park, but absolutely enjoyed myself.

I understand the waterfall is just breathtaking during the right season, so we may have to go back in a few months. I could see where the first waterfall we visited could be exciting with its height, but with very little water falling, it was actually a little boring.

(photo removed)
In fact, I was more excited about taking photos of this moss than I was of the falls. The hike was a half mile down and a half mile back with no hills. It was just beautiful with all the bluffs. I took a lot of photos along the trail, but have not had time to process them yet. (when I share more, you can find them in this Flickr folder)

(photo removed)
Back at the parking lot we followed another half mile there-half mile back trail to Hawk's cave. When we arrived at the cave, we spent some time playing with light metering to get a good shot from within the cave whereas the inside of the cave was not too dark in the photo as opposed to outside the cave being too light. It was tricky to photograph. There was also water trickling off the cave which made for a wonderful setting.

(photo removed)
One of our group discovered that if you followed the trail around the corner there was another breath-taking view. We had some discussion as to whether this was the "cave" or whether it would be considered an "alcove." We weren't sure which one was the cave, but nonetheless, each was enjoyable to soak up and photograph.

(photo removed)
We became adventurers as we drove to the other side of the park and downhill on a long gravel road. We came to a place where water crossed the road and two got out of the car to take a closer look to decide whether it was safe to drive over when they realized that this was the other falls! It was a difficult task to walk the path to get down to the fall underneath the road, but it was well worth it.

The green-blue water and the double falls was a little bit of hidden paradise in the middle of nowhere! We really enjoyed photographing this fall called Bork's Fall.

The photo above is the layout I made of this photo. I used the watercolor filter in Photoshop Elements on the background in preparation for recording a video for the Filters Class (Lesson 16).

Fern Clyffe State Park, Illinois
I discovered what a wonderful paper this photo could also make! I am just going to have to use it now!

I decided to challenge the Designer Class (Lesson 54) at using their own photos to make digital scrapbooking papers. Sometimes the photo is recognizable and sometimes not (as in my papers).


Bernie said…
Thank you! These look lovely and I shall enjoy playing with them!!
Bernie x
weva said…
Thank you!!
Anonymous said…
Awesome! Thank you
melliel said…
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
Tami said…
Thanks for sharing your wonderful work =}
Lainie said…
Very cool photos and interesting commentary. Thanks for the papers.
Rinachiyya said…
Thanks so much for the lovely papers.
You sure have a eye and talent for picture taking,
Simone said…
These are awesome, thanks for sharing.

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