Who is linking to your website?

I like to know who is linking to me so that I can post a comment and give warm fuzzies back!

How do you find out who is linking to you?

First, in Google search engine, simply type in "link:" followed by the site and it will bring up a list of people linking to that site. How easy is that?

In the first image, my blog does not have a "www," so I wanted to share with you this sample to my direct site so that you could see that you can either use the "http" or not to get the results needed.

First written 5/14/2008.

Claudette shares with us this Backlink Checker, although I found the ads on the page to be too difficult, making my page scroll down.  It is a little scary that bad stuff is going to get onto my computer.

**** This below service no longer seems to be available. I'm leaving it here for history sake.
Another way to find out who is linking to your blog (it does not work for other types of sites) is Technorati. After you get it set up, you can view your "blog reactions" section. I can click on the link and go straight to their blog post to find and share warm fuzzies with them.

You can also just do a search at Technorati. A search for my name comes up with 72 recent blog posts.


There is also a back link checker here: at smallseotools.com
Awesome! Thanks Claudette!

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